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The 16th Guangzhou Asian Games Triathlon
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In November 2010, the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games Triathlon was held successfully. We supplied qualified products, were proficient in the process of triathlon and the arrangements of sports equipments. Our team was professional in supplying operation and instruction in triathlon. Our supply and service of the triathlon equipments won great acclaim from Asian Games Organizing Committee and sponsor.

Triathlon is a new comprehensive sports events. It requires the athletes to finish swimming, cycling and running consecutively, and represents the athletes' challenging spirits on energy, speed and skill.

Triathlon is a stimulating and challenging game. It can best embody the national spirit, full of being dramatic a adventure, and challenging nature. It’s a new type of self-overcoming sport.
Swimming requires a good physical strength and skill, how to evenly distribute the physical skills and balance is the key to success for triathlon!

Cycling can bring the speed and passion to athletes,constant buzz makes the thrill of ridingThis event is the source of our scream.

The 10 kilometre running is the last part of triathlon and it is the multiple test of the strength, endurance and will power beyond doubt. The athletes overcome the difficulties and it brings us the hope and passion.